Recycling Program

Help us collect 1000 lbs of plastic! The Trex Company has provided us with bins, located at the hospital, for you to drop off your plastic bags and wrap! Once we drop the collected plastic off at a local drop location, a bench will be made for us using the plastic we collected! This challenge will be open until 2/1/2025.

Veterinary Services

Pet In-House Laboratory Stow, MA

Get results and information quickly using our state-of-the-art lab equipment.

Pet In-house Laboratory side image

Pet In-House Laboratory

From routine pre-anesthetic blood testing, urinalysis, and parasite checks to evaluation of complicated and unusual internal illnesses, we can obtain vital information in an efficient and timely manner to better understand your pet’s unique condition, plan their care, and meet their need. For more extensive diagnostics, we utilize our professional reference laboratory.